How Does the Government Shutdown Affect Getting a Mortgage? ⋆ Local Florida Mortgage Broker

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As the government shutdown, which began dec. 22, drags on, some major lenders are offering relief to affected clients who are at risk of missing their mortgage payment. Car Insurance Florida. From setting a budget to securing a mortgage, it breaks down everything you need to know about.

If Congress doesn’t get it together in the next two weeks, millions of Americans could feel the effects of a government shutdown directly in their pocketbooks. If the government temporarily shuts down, so will the Commerce and Labor Departments, meaning that investors waiting on their economic.

Watch CBSN Live. How would a government shutdown affect the U.S. economy? While stock markets remained stable on Friday, shares tend to tumble sharply after a government shutdown. So, do stock pundits know something we don’t? "Without a long-term deal, the Treasury will exhaust.

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If the government doesn’t find a resolution today, the shutdown is likely to affect the industry in three major ways: FHA and VA mortgage loan originations could be impacted by the shutdown due to government workers not being in office. Loan applications will be held up if lenders can’t obtain.

The private mortgage market and many loans through the FHA and VA won’t be directly affected by the government shutdown. If you were concerned that any and all federal loan programs to help you get a mortgage would be shut down along with part of the government, there’s some good.

If you’re considering a mortgage rate lock. Mortgage rates already had been falling when the Shutdown-related issues are causing delays of up to two weeks on typical loans, according to Alan Of those Realtors who said the shutdown had affected transactions, a quarter said a buyer.

What a federal government shutdown means for D.C. Home loans will be held up if the government shutdown that began Tuesday goes on too long. How to twist electric wire together!

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