Lien Release and Title Curative Services

Fortunately, reQuire is positioned to help. To learn more about how we ease your super-lien concerns, Contact reQuire today! About the Author. Sara Turk Sara Turk is the office manager at reQuire’s Release Tracking Connecticut location as well as the Team Lead for the Title Curative Department.

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Covius businesses are recognized leaders in quality assurance, regulatory compliance, compliant document services, comprehensive settlement services, lien and title curative solutions, as well as rapid development, customizable cloud-based business process solutions.

What Is A Lien Release?. If this does not happen and money is not repaid to the bank to service the debt, How to Transfer the Car Title of a Deceased Person;

10 ways to remove liens from real estate PropLogix provides clients with property intelligence and closing solutions. We do Municipal Lien Searches, Association Estoppels, Land Surveys, Release Tracking and Title Curative Services. With our unmatched service and cutting-edge software, we’re bringing technology and innovation to the world of real estate due diligence. Call us. 941-444-7142

Title curative services (tcs) obtains releases for prior unreleased mortgage liens and missing assignments clouding the property’s title. reQuire will: Obtain an executed document on past settlements or provide recorded copies or index details in cases where the lender will not provide a copy upon completion.

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Lien Release Services. Nationwide Title Clearing handles the lien release document details for mortgage servicers and works closely with county recording jurisdictions. We ensure it is done right, ultimately for the benefit of the homeowner but also to satisfy the best interests of all parties. We offer accountability from beginning to end.

The release of lien is essential for the new buyer to obtain clear title to the home. While the release allows. Fees for these negotiation services generally range from $1,500 to $3,000 and should.

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Clearing the title of liens you paid off at closing doesn’t have to cut into your productivity and take you away from more lucrative tasks. Our lien release tracking service manages the complete process of ensuring the title is cleared in a timely manner.

In the example of the traded-in vehicle, the lender won’t release the title until the lien is paid off in full.