Nationstar Mortgage named in class action lawsuit in connection with use of force placed insurance

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Spend any amount of time following the news — whether online, in print, or on TV — and you’re very likely to come across information about a class action lawsuit.You may have even received something in the mail called a "Notice of Class Action Lawsuit" or "Legal Notice of Class Action Settlement."

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The Nationstar Force-Placed Insurance Class Action Lawsuit is Howard Braynen et al. v. Nationstar Mortgage LLC et al., Case No. 1:14-cv-20726, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Ocwen, Assurant Near $150M Settlement in Class Action Lawsuit Mortgage Servicing News Ocwen Financial and Assurant have reached an agreement to settle charges that the embattled mortgage servicer profited from kickbacks on force-placed insurance policies with struggling homeowners.

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A Florida federal judge Monday approved a $76 million settlement to end a. Nationstar Mortgage of colluding with force-placed insurance.

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Class Action Lawsuits. Filed class action lawsuits seeking claimants. A class action lawsuit is when there is a large group of people who file a complaint against a defendant for similar grievances. The lawsuit is filed on behalf of everyone in the class, that class being a group of people who share similar circumstances, injuries and damages.

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