Romney Hits Gingrich on Housing Ties

Romney also hit Gingrich on his ties to Freddie Mac. “He was at a debate saying the politicians who took money from Fannie and Freddie should go to jail, which is outrageous in itself,” Romney said.

By fox news. republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney came to ground zero of the housing crisis Tuesday to assail rival Newt Gingrich over his ties to the government-backed mortgage companies that helped make it worse, a message Romney has been pushing since he landed in the state.

But a contract that kicked off the relationship, signed in July 1999, also. conservatives for its underwriting policies before the housing crisis.. Romney is focusing on Gingrich's consulting career as he tries to. 'Free, Melania,' an unauthorized biography of Melania Trump, set to hit shelves this December.

Mitt Romney earned $21.7 million in 2010 and paid nearly $3 million in taxes at a rate of slightly less. Romney Hits Gingrich on Housing Ties.

Bill Lee, a Republican pollster who co-founded TelOpinion, said that matches the national pattern, with Romney and Gingrich drawing most of the media attention. "Leading into Iowa, this is essentially.

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Romney is scrambling to regain ground in Florida, a state that was hit hard by the housing crisis. Of course he’s wise to blast Gingrich on Freddie Mac – which many Americans blame for the crisis.

Freddie Mac has become the hot button issue between Romney and Gingrich, with both blaming mortgage finance firm for housing bubble pain, but experts say they’re both wrong.

Gingrich and Romney go head-to-head tonight for the first time in Florida in an NBC News debate at the University of South Florida in Tampa.. Comments. Romney Hits Gingrich on Housing Ties. In.

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Romney hits hard at Gingrich before debate.. presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney speaks during a roundtable discussion about housing issues in Tampa, Florida.