Stetson University President Wendy Libby to retire – Orlando Business Journal

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Wendy Libby late last week announced her plans to retire as president of Stetson University in June 2020 after 11 years in the top leadership role. She became Stetson’s ninth president in July 2009.

Nicholas Blakely of Lawrenceville, Georgia, was at Stetson University in deland. head coach roger hughes and University President Wendy Libby are also among those mourning the loss of Nicholas. On.

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Stetson University President Wendy Libby to retire – Orlando Business Journal He was a former president of the FSC national alumni board.. After retirement, he was a cattleman in the family business.. jane "Mimi" Warnock McElyea ’49 of Orlando died July 10, 2017.

Wendy Libby Stepping Down as Stetson University President in June 2020.. the school, Stetson University President Wendy Libby will retire in June 2020.. Sales Program in the School of Business Administration and the Master of Fine. We provide you with the latest news and from all around the state.

She will succeed Richard A. Levao, who plans to retire, and will be both. Whittaker has told the Orlando Sentinel that he was unaware that the university. Wendy B. Libby, president of Stetson University since 2009, plans to.

Orlando Business Journal. The university is led by President Wendy B. Libby, Stetson University is home to 73 academic programs in four divisional areas.

Wendy Libby, who has served as the president of Stetson University for a. including law education,” Libby told the Orlando Sentinel on Friday.

Stetson University President Wendy B. Libby, Ph.D., Announces Retirement Plans February 15, 2019 Wendy B. Libby, Ph.D., today announced her decision to retire as president of Stetson University in June 2020 after 11 years in the top leadership role.

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